2015 Florida Champ Kart League Rule Exceptions

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2015 Florida Champ Kart League Rule Exceptions



NEW FOR 2015 – EFFECTIVE December 27 ST, 2014

100 Introductions and General Regulations:

101.5 SPIRIT AND INTENT: This manual provides technical specifications and inspection procedures to establish the legality of engines, racing chassis, and associated components used in the FCKL events. Officials at FCKL events are authorized to decide if any change or design is an attempt to beat the rules or gain an unfair advantage. Also, just because a technical specification or part is not described in the WKA technical manual or FCKL exceptions rule book does not imply or guarantee its legality. If a rule infraction has occurred, the FCKL officials can rule under the Spirit and Intent of the rule to override the infraction.

103 Driver Requirements:

103.0.0 GENERAL: Drivers must be FCKL members in good standing to enter FCKL sanctioned events. Entry into classes are regulated by age, weight, capability, and experience. Non-FCKL members will be subjected to higher entry fees and/or not qualify for end of the year awards.

103.0.1 MEMBERSHIP: Membership is available for purchase at the cost of $35 by the end of scheduled race #4. Membership cost then increases $20 by the end of every scheduled race thereafter.

103.1.0 MINORS: Persons under the age of 18 must submit a properly executed Minor Release Form as required per individual track requirements prior to competing in any FCKL sanctioned event.

103.2.1 COMPETITION AGE: A driver’s actual age as of December 20, 2013 shall establish his/her “competition age” for the 2014 calendar year. The FCKL’s first scheduled race is December 27-29, 2013, if a driver is not of age on December 27, 2013 but is of age prior to FCKL’s December scheduled race, then that driver is eligible to race that said class. See 103.2.2 ELIGIBILITY TO ADVANCE AN AGE CATEGORY. A copy of birth certificate will be required for any age verification.

103.2.2 ELIGIBILTY TO ADVANCE AN AGE CATEGORY: Minor drivers of at least seven years of age whose birthday qualifies them to move up to classes with the next higher age requirement may do so under two conditions. If their birthday occurs by June 30 th of a competition year, they may advance to classes with the next higher age requirement at the beginning of that competition year. Exception to this rule, you must be a min. 14 years of age to participate in any Sr Champ Class. Rookie Red Sportsman Champ starting age will be on the ability of the driver under a decision made by the FCKL board. Green Plate JR Sportsman Champ drivers will be subjected to an FCKL review prior to approval for advancement to Blue Plate JR Sportsman Champ under this rule. This is enforced by 103.0.0 capability and experience. The second condition to advance, if their birthday occurs after June 30 th, they may move up on or after their birthday and complete the competition year in the class with the next higher age requirement.

103.2.3 NOT ELIGIBLE TO ADVANCE AN AGE CATEGORY: JR Sportsman Champ Blue ages 8-12 , Jr Champ BSP Big Pipe ages 10-15, and JR Champ 11-15 have several years of overlapping. A 9 year old driver is not allowed to advance early to the JR Champ BSP Big pipe Class. A driver must be a min. 10 years old or wait until his/her tenth birthday of that competition year to advance to JR Champ BSP Big Pipe. A 10 year old driver is not allowed to advance early to the JR Champ Mix Class. A driver must be a min. 11 years old or wait until his/her tenth birthday of that competition year to advance to JR Champ Mix.

103.2.4 PROHIBITION FROM MOVING BACK AN AGE CAREGORY: If a minor driver meets the requirements stated in Section 103.2.2 and chooses to move up to a class with a higher age requirement, he or she must continue to compete at that level in all FCKL sanctioned events. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO RED and GREEN Plate Sportsman Champ Classes. Competition at a higher age level in local and non-sanctioned events does not affect the driver’s status in FCKL sanctioned races. The FCKL does not permit a driver in JR Sportsman Champ Rookie Red or Green Plate at any age to compete in a higher class and move back. All other classes, drivers are permitted to move up and down with no limitations.


104.0.1 RAIN OUT POINTS: Rain out points are purchased after an FCKL event has been canceled for any reason listed, but not limited to: Weather, Facility Safety, Facility Lighting, and any other condition not allowing completion of a feature race. Rain out points are equal to first place points. If a partial show has been completed, all features completed will count as they finish and non-completed features will then be available to purchase “Rain Out” points. All 2014 scheduled event will have qualifying. In those events, qualifying WILL count as a complete event and points will be awarded as your qualifying time ranking.

104.0.2 REFUNDS: Refunds are handled by each race track facility. Refunds are NOT issued from the FCKL. See each tracks refund policy for details.

104.4.0 RELIEF DRIVER: No substitute drivers permitted.


105.1.0 CONDUCT: See WKA Manual. In addition, any adult inappropriately approaching, verbal, physical contact, or any unacceptable manner towards a minor will result in immediate suspension and review for FCKL membership status for the remainder of the year.


106.7.0 RESTARTING KARTS: This is subject to an FCKL and/or track official’s call. This is considered a judgment call and will be a case by case decision. This is limited to a pull rope or electric start attempt(s). No repairs shall be permitted to allow a kart to restart.


109.0.0 ELIGIBILITY: All appointed track officials and FCKL appointed officials.

109.0.1 PRESIDENT: President – Terry DeCaire, jr. Founder of the Florida Champ Kart League. Responsibilities are as follows, but not limited to, director of all FCKL staff and positioning, race events, promotions, marketing, awards and banquets, web site management, and all related matters in the best interest for the FCKL.

109.1.0 RACE DIRECTOR: Responsible for all aspects of race event. To ensure all karters are properly equipped, visual inspection of required racing apparel, and weights properly secured. To ensure proper race order and all karters are present for race class. Race Director can assist track officials on calls. Race Director can request a race day review after such race date. Race Director can disqualify any karter for improper behavior, verbal abuse, un-sportsman conduct, and improper physical contact. Race Director can make race day adjustments as desired and needed. Race Director may handle Grid Stewart duties. See 109.5.0 for description.

109.3.0 HEAD TECHNICAL INSPECTOR: FCKL appointed or track appointed technical inspector is in charge of pre and post-race inspections for both general safety and compliance with technical specifications. HTI will enforce set rules by WKA manual, individual track local rule, and FCKL set rules. Technical inspection may be predetermined by upper FCKL officials prior to the start of race.

109.3.1 SCALES: Scale Inspector is responsible for confirmation of kart weights and accuracy.

109.4.0 CHIEF SCORER: Post all official race results and finishes.

109.4.1 BUSINESS MANAGER: Business Manager Responsibilities are as follows, but not limited to, accounting and corporation taxes. Business manager may handle race day registration assistance, scoring assistance, new memberships. Business Manager will manage web site management and Pay Pal account receivables and payables.

109.5.0 GRID STEWARD: The Grid Stewart will direct gridding and maintain orderly conduct in these areas. The Grid Stewart is in charge of drivers and pit crew members in the grid area.

109.7.0 OTHER: Operations Manager responsibilities are as follows, but not limited to, staffing for individual race operations, race day line ups, technical inspections, racing grid inspection and operation, race schedule and track agreements. OM is in command of race director, grid steward, head technical inspector, and scales inspector.

109.7.1 ADVISORY BOARD: SCS, SCB, JRC, SRC. Responsibilities are as follows: Participates in fact findings and information gathering for the purpose of FCKL official “smart decisions”. Each class member is to advise FCKL on potential problems and/or solutions to existing problems.


110.2.0 PROTEST: If any karter wishes to protest another karter in the same class concerning and unfair advantage, the procedure is as follows: $75 Fee. The protester then tears down first. If legal, the protested then tears down. If the protested is legal, $25 is given to the protested. If protested is illegal, $25 is given to the protester. $50 remains with HTI/FCKL. Refusal to tear down results in a $100 fine and a two race suspension.

110.2.1 APPEAL PROCEDURE: All appeals are to be filled out from online form at www.floridachampkartleague.com or in a written form and then mailed, faxed, or emailed (champkarting@yahoo.com) to Terry DeCaire, jr. All results are final upon the next scheduled race and no appeal will be accepted after such date. Each appeal will be a case by case review and is not binded by any previous decision. Once a decision is reached, the decision is final. Decisions concerning appeals may include Operations Manager, Race Director, Grid Stewart, and any other official the FCKL request to aid in making the best decision.


111.1.0 – 111.5.0 SEE WKA DESRIPTIONS: In addition to those outlined in the WKA rules book, black flags are at the discretion of the race day flagman. All track staff calls are official and accepted by FCKL. Any “call” in discretion is to be handled through a proper process, see Appeals. Any infraction as outlined in the WKA rules book and the FCKL exceptions rule is subject to a review by appointed FCKL staff. Penalties are as follows but not limited to, warning, place to the rear of starting order, point deductions, monetary fine, suspension, and any combined as previously mentioned. Any driver finishing in the top FIVE and does not tech or weigh will be subject to a penalty. The penalty will be decided by the board and no more than a 2 race suspension and/or $100 fine .


114.8.0 AWARDS: Minimum participation is 75% (6 of 7) races, required. Purchased rain-out points DO count towards the 75%. In 2015, you must race 6 of 7 races to qualify for class championships and year end awards. To receive awards, you must be present at the end of the year awards ceremony.

114.8.1 POINTS AWARDS: Points are awarded by feature finishing results and tech inspection pass. First place is awarded 45 points, second place 40 points, and every position thereafter will decrease by 2 point increments, (3 rd-38, 4 th-36, 5 th-34,….) through the top 12 positions with 12 th getting 20 points. Position 13 through 26 will be by decrease 1 point increments (13 th-19, 14 th-18, 15 th-17) ending at 26 th place getting 6 points. 26 th through 40 th will receive 5 points. See point grid on racing tab for complete list of finishing points.

114.8.2 POINT AWARD QUALIFICATION: Points are awarded when two requirements are met. FCKL membership (Full or One Day Race Day) and karter takes the green flag in either the heat race or feature/qualifying. If a karter does take the heat race green or qualifying green flag and not the feature, said karter will get last place points. The FCKL 2015 season will NOT have transfer point races. There will be (1) drop in 2015. 6 races will be counted towards the 2015 Point Championship. Race #1 Points will be the higher point total of either Daytona (December 2014) or the first race scheduled in 2015.

114.8.3 TIE-BREAKERS: In the event in the final point standings any position ends in a tie, the following tiebreakers will decide the position in question. 1) Most feature wins. 2) Most Poles. 3)Most races entered. 4) Most second place finishes. 5) Most third place finishes 6)Tie


115.1.0 HEAD GEAR: Snell Foundation SA2005 or newer is required. SA2000 are no longer legal as of 12/25/2009.

402.0.0 TIRES:MAXXIS kart racing tires are the spec tire for all listed champ classes. For specific spec tires by class, see classes below 413.0.0, 2014 Daytona will be Maxxis or Unilli only.


411.1.0 RACING FORMAT: One qualifying session. All entries after registration is closed will be line up at the rear of the starting order. One feature race (20 Laps unless noted otherwise) determined by qualifying result. Sportsman Champ Rookie Red Plate will run exhibition laps only. This will be determined at each race event. Green Sportsman Champ will run 20 lap feature. Specific race event rules will be explained at the drivers meeting. See each scheduled track rules.


Each class will have to meet the min. required 3 entry count. If a class does not meet the min required three, FCKL reserves the right to drop the class without notice. FCKL also reserves the right to restart the class at any time during the season. FCKL will monitor the Red and GREEN plate class without any restrictions.



413.1.0 JR CHAMP MIX:

Driver Age: 10* 11-15 (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine(s): Builders Prepared Box Stock with .550 blue plate restrictor, BSP with Big Pipe unrestricted, Briggs & Stratton Animal with a .575 black plate restrictor, Briggs & Stratton Flat Head (Raptor) with no restrictor.

Fuel: BP-Methanol, Animal-Methanol, Flathead-Methanol, BSP-Gasoline

Minimum Weight: 355lbs Bp and BSP. 345 lbs. Animal and Flathead

Spec Tire: Maxxis


413.1.1 JR Champ Flathead (Raptor): (ELIMINATED IN 2012)



Driver Age: 10* 11-15 (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine(s): BSP Clone like motors with no restrictor plate.

Clutch: Open

Fuel: Gasoline

Minimum Weight: 355 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis


413.6.0 SENIOR CHAMP PRO ANIMAL : (Class under review in 2014)

Driver Age: 14* 15-Older (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine: Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal Engine with no restrictor plate

Clutch: Open

Fuel: Methanol

Minimum Weight: 425 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis


413.6.1 SR CHAMP MIX:

Driver Age: 14* 15-Older (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine(s): Builders Prepared Box Stock with no restrictor and Briggs and Stratton Animal with no restrictor

Clutch: Open

Fuel: BP, Animal, Flathead Methanol. BSP Big Pipe gasoline.

Minimum Weight: 425 lbs. Bp and Animals. 410 For BSP Big Pipe and Flathead.

Spec Tire: Maxxis



Driver Age: 14* 15-UP (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine(s): BSP Clone like motors with no restrictor plate.

Clutch: Open

Fuel: Gasoline

Minimum Weight: 410 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis



Driver Age: 4-? years old. (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine: B.S.P. yellow clone or like motor with a (Red) restrictor plate and an exhaust restrictor plug.

Fuel: Gasoline

Clutch: Spec shoe clutch with spec 15T driver gear.

Rear Gear: 66T gear. Subject to change at each race event.

Minimum Weight: 265 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis

Note: This is a participation only class with no champions or points. Each driver will get a participation point. Value 1 point.



Driver Age: 5-8 years old. (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine: B.S.P. yellow clone motor with a .425 (Green or Silver) restrictor plate.

Fuel: Gasoline

Clutch: Spec shoe clutch with spec 16T driver gear.

Minimum Weight: 285 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis



Driver Age: 8-12 years old. (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine: B.S.P. yellow clone motor with a .550 (Blue) restrictor plate and Briggs & Stratton (Raptor) Flat Head with a 0.500” Blue restrictor plate, Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal with a blue restrictor plate top hole 0.275” and bottom hole of 0.325”.

Fuel: B.S.P-Gasoline, Flat Head (Raptor)-Methanol, Animal -Methanol

Clutch: B.S.P. shoe clutch and Flat Head (Raptor) and Animal open.

Minimum Weight: 315 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis .



Driver Age: 35-up years old (See 103.2.1 thru 103.2.4)

Engine: Raptor Flathead, Animal or Clone BP Un-restricted

Fuel: Methanol

Clutch: Open

Minimum Weight: 425 lbs.

Spec Tire: Maxxis




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